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Shantanu&Nikhil India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 

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What would it be like to have the Avengers as Parents?
  • Me: Dad/Mom, my boyfriend broke my heart :(
  • Captain America: I punched Hilter in the face. This punk isn't any different. Where is he?
  • Ironman: Where does he live? I'll buy his house, evict his sorry ass, and then tear it down to build you a library
  • Hulk: Boyfriend broke daughter's heart?! HULK SMASH!!
  • Thor: This Midgardian does not know who he be dealing with. As the prince of Asgard he shall suffer greatly for his crimes! *thunder boom*
  • Black Widow: Kick him in the nuts, sweetie. You won't get in trouble at home.
  • Hawkeye: Caw, caw, mothafucker! *shoots him with an arrow*
  • Loki: *mind controls him and makes him do embarrassing things* Eheheheh LOKI'D!

Kasia Struss at Givenchy Haute Couture F/W 2009/10 Backstage


Kasia Struss at Givenchy Haute Couture F/W 2009/10 Backstage

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His mouth fell open slightly at her admission as Loki scrambled for a reply. Something, anything to hide the utter shock he felt at her words. She wanted to marry him? He had hoped of course but it had been enough that she wanted him at all, that she would be seen with him so openly among her peers but top desire more than that… . . to speak vows of love to him before all of Asgard and their family. There were no words for how he felt now. 

And children? She wanted to bare his children?  

"I hadn’t thought of that." He played off his shock as best he could for fear that the words that had caused it were an illusion as well, the wishful thinking of a lonely man. “I have been”, he paused and took the popcorn from the microwave and ran a hand through his hair, “I am used to being alone an expecting little. I suppose I find some pleasure in the happiness of others when I found none in my own life.” It was an honest reply and spoke many truths to his inner thoughts. 

"You really mean all of that?" He brought the bowl to her and stood there for a moment as he tried to read her expression. 

Val knelt on the couch, facing him and smiled hopefully. Her heart ached from the knowledge that he hurt so deeply while she was gone. He was still trying to get over the fact that she was back again, and she must hurt him more by acting as if nothing had changed. But for her it hadn’t. It felt like the day she woke up, she’d died maybe twenty four hours previous. When she found out it had been nearly five years, her heart had stopped for a long moment.

Val couldn’t blame Loki at all for being standoffish or distant. If he had done the same thing to her, she wouldn’t even be talking to him still.

She reached out and laid her warm hand against his. She watched his pensive expression and took the liberty of lacing her fingers through his. “Yes I do.” She tensed slightly and started to pull her hand away. “Unless I assumed too much? I just figured, I mean, I guess it’d be nice.” She stuttered and finally just stopped trying to talk, and bit her lip nervously as her cheeks pinked in embarrassment.